February 27th, 2007

The New Zealand dialup eclipse is near

It looks like dialup is finally about to be eclipsed by broadband as the access method of choice for New Zealanders. According to research data provided by Roy Morgan Research the trend in overall new connections (dialup+broadband) has almost completely flattened, indicating that the market is reaching saturation. The kiwis that want to use the internet, are now pretty much all connected! We are now seeing dialup slowly being superseded by broadband. Dialup has been trending down sharply since around mid 2004, as customers slowly, but surely, upgrade to broadband.

A simple extrapolation of the Roy Morgan research data shows that dialup may be eclipsed by broadband as early as next month:

Broadband eclipsing dialup

The chart shows thousands of New Zealanders with dialup (blue) and broadband (red) connections at home. The thicker faded lines show the extrapolated trend of broadband soon eclipsing dialup.


It will be interesting to see how quickly the remaining dialup customers convert to broadband. Dialup is slowly dying, but is likely to stick around for many many years to come!

February 27th, 2007
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