March 18th, 2007’s verdict on NZ broadband speeds

One of the best broadband “speed testers” is Its slick interface provides estimates of your download and upload speeds at a click of a button. Interestingly enough, provides global statistics on the average speed of users from different countries. Their top 10 countries, by download speed, are: Top10

Japan leads at 9.3Mbps, followed by Sweden on 6.6Mbps. Little surprise that neither Australia, nor New Zealand show in the top 10.

The statistics for the “Australian continent” shows: Australia


In summary:

  • Australia’s average download speed, 3.6Mbps, is 39% of the top country’s (Japan);
  • New Zealand’s average download speed, 2.4Mbps, is 26% of the top country’s (Japan);
  • New Zealand’s average download speed is 67% of Australia’s.

I think we will need two things to improve significantly: ADSL2+ and for Telecom NZ to upgrade their dusty backhaul network!

(Notes: We believe that is only using the top performing IP addresses in each country when calculating their stats. Not sure what percentile they are using. YMMV.)

March 18th, 2007
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